Our why

Starting off, my Grandmother had a very rare disease called Supranuclear Palsy, which is something I never wish upon anyone to go through, or encounter. Imagine someone you love, suffering for well over five years with no amount of money or cure to help them with the pain of suffering. She could understand everything clearly but telling her body to function was the problem. She could barely walk by herself and doing daily activities was a difficult process without any help. It hit me hard seeing her struggle everyday more and more. I knew this wasn’t going to get any better for her, but that isn’t something you say to someone in their final days, months, or years. I remember not going out on a Friday Night with friends to spend time with my grandmother to go eat at Red Lobster or hit the movies. This was the highlight of my week, and there wasn’t anything I would have rather done with my time. It’s always human nature for us to regret not saying or doing things with loved ones once they pass away. One of my biggest regrets was walking in the last night knowing this was it, and not being able to look her in the eyes. I have always been the one in the family to keep it together, but this hit me harder than anything I’ve ever felt. Because of this situation I went through with my grandmother, I will be donating at the end of each year a portion of all the sales from SquadFit LLC to the Supranuclear Palsy Foundation. There needs to be an end to this devastating disease. Going through this hardship with her, gave me a drive to want to create something that everyone could help themselves create a healthier lifestyle and live a longer life. I know somethings are out of our control, but if you could change your own health with physical activity, would you do it? That’s the real question you should ask yourself.

-Brandon M. Quam Founder, CEO

Real People. Real Results


SquadFit wants to help combat the need to rely on others for help within the gym. Our plans are focused on helping the individual build self-confidence within themselves, through physical activity and dedication. When generating a healthier physical appearance to oneself, one can significantly notice healthier mental functions in daily activities. That is why this program was created for the average individual, all the way up to competing athletes.